Monday, September 15, 2014

.. And Found!

Back in around Feb/March I posted a request for help to recover my blog. However I didn't get any response and so I stopped posting for months. Tonight I had the urge to try once more before I move on to another platform. I posted another request for help.

Within an hour, I've got the solution and totally recovered my blog!
As simple as removing two lines of script (simple because a kind user helped to state which lines), but for someone who doesn't know peanuts about script - I wouldn't have known what went wrong.

Thank you kind stranger! :)
You're definitely in my 5 Gratefuls for today.


I found out that my other blog Potions Junkie was lost.. disappeared to no-where-land and for a very very long time; have been trying to recover it. Of course it didn't work and I'm sad. 

Lost the mood to continue blogging for a while.. though often my mind is churning out thoughts I would want to remember. It has been a hectic 7 months.. sometimes confusing, sometimes fulfilling.

I'm re-prioritizing my life goals at the moment. Taking time to work on a few projects that I've had in mind for a long time. 

~and yeah, I'm considering Wordpress now! *I am sulking at you, Blogger!*

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Now is a great time to stalk websites for some shopping.

If only I'm a millionaire :P But I could wish...
Sockerkaka Baking Mat and Knife RM35.90

Drommar Baking Sheet RM24.90 (Nice! No need to waste paper)

Mala Brushes RM11.90 (for my new interest in glass painting)

Morkt Tealight Lantern RM24.90 Love the soft color, looks vintage too.

Tratt Candle Snuffer RM9.90 Just because I don't wanna blow? :P

Ensidig Vase RM3.90 - the size is just nice for my regular indulgence in flowers.

Socker Plant Mover RM22.90 Great for gardening, but a lil pricey..

Enough for now... modest list, isn't it? ;)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

5 Gratefuls 20th October 2013

Ahh I didn't manage to do everything I wanted but thats ok. I have quite a list done so far:

- I started the day with a good detox and healthy smoothie. Mulberries,  blueberries,  spinach, bananas, apple, greek yoghurt, tomato and honey. Wholesome!

- Did laundry. Off with fresh linen and blanket.

- Workout. Ooh I could do burpees now and plank too ;))

- Started reading French Women Don't Sleep Alone. Want more time now..

- FIL bought us burdock tea. Nourishing :)

- Ok one more.. I cleared my junks and vacuum the house! Quite an accomplishment huh.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I'm Off The Hook

After a 2 months of No-Buys, I'm roaming free again! I couldn't wait any longer to locate my well hidden tea lights so I went ahead and bought a new pack. RM 9.99 for 50pcs.

I am really eager to use my new burners so I also got some fragrance oils from Daiso. Damask Rose and Ylang Ylang for now; also a pack of 20 cone incense. Asian Resort.. now let's see if I would feel like I'm on vacay!

Also I indulged in some craft magazines. Now who can teach me how to knit?  I'm an idiot when it comes to knitting and crocheting but I love these dolls?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 2013 Gratefuls

June this year was very extreme. Both highs and lows at the same time..

I am grateful for:
- Haze was super bad and affecting many people. Mom fell sick quite bad. However I breezed through. Mom got well after a week. Popping vitamins must have helped.

- After a few depressing months at work, I finally got myself a break.  Time for some self pampering. The Premier Lounge at the airport was cool. Love the vibes at the airport.

- Checked into a 5/6 hotel and spend days just browsing the malls. Amazing! Food was delish.

- The Husband showered me with some designer handbags... yes, a few!!! In the same month.

- I really have the best in life. Yes work is crappy most days.. but heck I think most jobs are. But the food, clothes, shoes, bags and everything else is perfect.

Thank you life!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Vintage Tea?

The retro / vintage design tin caught my eyes when I was browsing at Food Hall. So quaint.. I wanted to collect all the designs.

But I didn't know what tea is it so I picked only 1. Turned out it is my favourite jasmine tea! Now I really want all of them.

Priced at RP 46000 at Food Hall. Alun Alun sells at about RP53000. Now when is my next trip to Jakarta? ;)